Buy your own web 3 domain

Buy your own web 3 domain at the best price. Avoid making mistakes, and send your payments in cryptocurrencies with simple addresses. Choose a domain that is easy to remember, and easy to say to your customers.

How to check if my name is free?

The first step you must do to find out if your chosen name is free is to go to the Unstoppable Domains sales platform. Once on the web, enter the name you like and press «Search» to search if it is available.

Como buscar un dominio web 3 para comprobar si esta libre

What extensions can I choose?

When you do a search you will instantly see which domains are free to buy. As you can see in the photo below when I searched for «mycompany» to see which web 3 domain extensions were free, it appeared to me that most of them were free, all the ones you see with the green symbol means you can buy them, just select the extension you prefer and press the «Add to cart» button to add it to the shopping cart and select the payment method.

¿Cómo elegir extensión para mi dominio web 3?

Once you have searched for the domain you are interested in, the second step is to choose the extension you are interested in (.nft, .crypto, .bitcoin…), press the ending you prefer and to finish press «Add to cart» to add it to your shopping cart and be able to buy your domain before another person comes before you. Remember that the domains are unique, the first one to buy it will keep it forever until they want to sell it.

How to pay for a domain?

The third step, once the domain and the extension have been chosen, once we have pressed the «add to cart» button and we have added it to the cart, the message «Added» will appear in green as if it has been added. Now we only have to press the «Continue to cart» button or the shopping cart symbol to choose the payment method we want.

Payment Methods

You can buy the domains and pay them with most current payment systems, from buying it with your credit or debit card, with your Paypal account, with cryptocurrencies or from the app with the Pay system for pay from your app with your CRO balance.

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